Network & Security System

Tailored for Security

Millennium Radius security services begin with asset Assessment, reporting Findings, and providing Recommendations at different levels and capacity of the system, according to our client's requests. We provide Consultation, Design, Delivery, Installation and Commissioning ICT security devices such as firewall, IDS, and Content Management Systems as well as Training for users.

Our systems can be versatile to meet your current application's environment for operations to perform better yet still remain familiar.


We were commissioned to conduct security audit for different technologies and network topology for several high profile authoritative bodies and ministries. We were to produce and present vulnerability assessment findings and recommendations to the Client. At the end of the assessment, we relay the importance of security measures and upkeep in providing a safe environment for sensitive information.


We conducted the auditing service in compliance with MYMIS and CyberSecurity standard guidelines, rectified security gaps while ensuring IT Services SLA is met.